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I am very proud to announce and welcome Sabrina Lane to Canine Connection.  Sabrina brings additional services to our clients by being able to provide services previously not offered.  She can offer basic, intermediate and advanced obedience training in addition to Canine Good Service training and certification.  Sabrina is experienced in Therapy Dog training and has the facilities to also offer a Board and Train program.  This is a convenient option for clients to have their dog professionally obedience trained when they may not have the time.  Please scroll down to learn more about Sabrina’s experience working with and handling dogs.


Canine Connection operates in Erie, Pennsylvania and we come directly to your home

for behavior consultation and hands-on training. 

We are willing to travel outside of Erie

and the surrounding area based on the client need.

       Our rate is $85.00 per hour; The average session is approximately 3 hours. 

     Travel fees, if necessary

are happily discussed prior to consultation.

Lengthy travel fees (1 hour or more) must be paid in advance.

Canine Connection is owned and operated by:

Eileen K Murdock. member APDT


Sabrina Lane

The purpose and goal of our business is to enhance the quality of the relationship between pet owners and their dogs through education and the practice of using basic leadership skills to correct

unwanted behavior issues exhibited by their pets.


Our focus is on helping humans to achieve better understanding of the nuances of dog psychology and the

way that pack mentality, influences and directs the dog’s behavior.


Eileen's experience working with and handling dogs spans 38 years when she first began working with Joan Wienczkowsi, the founder of Proud Land Kennels here in Erie. Joan's business has achieved an excellent reputation in the area as being the premium choice for dog obedience at her facility.


Throughout the years she has participated in many beginner as well as advanced classes not only in training her own dogs but also acting as “handler” for friends and family member’s animals. Through Joan’s exceptional tutelage she had learned a great deal regarding obedience training and the successful methods of using only

positive reinforcement when working with and

handling all varieties of dog breeds.

About 20 years ago her desire to further increase knowledge and experience with dogs led her to Knapp farm and Terry Peterson, a professional dog handler and hunt guide. Terry coached and supervised Eileen with hunt training instruction, along with guiding and handling techniques for dogs

on upland game birds.

This training led to success with directing and handling dogs in the

field for numerous hunting parties on a personal and professional basis.


Eileen has obtained qualifying scores and finish titles with all of my dogs in numerous

AKC hunt test events throughout the years.

The atmosphere surrounding the events was so enjoyable that she took on the task of obtaining the education and apprenticeship necessary to become an

AKC sanctioned Hunt Test Judge.

For almost 20 years she has participated in many events, instructing and judging handlers

along with their dogs in their quest to qualify and pass the rigorous requirements

to earn AKC Hunting Titles.

In February of 2009 she began volunteering services to the Humane Society of NW Pennsylvania,

exercising, working with and teaching obedience to the dogs at the shelter.

She observed that 90% of the dogs in rescue were there due to behavioral issues, but noted that

almost all of those issues could easily be resolved by the human

learning to take on a leadership role with the dog.

Shes worked extensively with dogs that lacked social skills and those with fear-based issues

and anxiety. Eileen developed and posted protocol for the staff to use with specific dogs

on occasion, to assure rehabilitation and aid in adoption.

Using the techniques acquired over many years, she observed an immediate positive response from all the dogs at the shelter. By volunteering, found herself in a position to offer advice and answer questions from an ever-growing eager general public in addition to other professional dog handlers in the area.

Through that interaction, she determined there was a great need to share the gift she

 had working with all dogs.

Wanting to make a profound difference in the lives of people and their pets,

 Canine Connection LLC., soon became a reality.

Eileen has consulted with and reviewed my program with

Deborah J. Abt V.M.D. the owner of "4 Feet and Fur" in home veterinary services, for Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Dr. Abt was instrumental in helping design a Behavioral Consultation Questionnaire and provided additional information used to format some handouts. Canine Connection provides many guidelines provided to clients for reference during and after their sessions.

We are very proud to say that in March of 2011 Canine Connection was sought out by the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe County in the Stroudsburg/Pocono area of eastern Pennsylvania, to assist in evaluating the mental well-being of 7 German Shepherd dogs seized in a highly publicized case of cruelty, and severe neglect. We designed programs, implemented protocol and provided education to the

staff and adoption applicants to

assure successful rehabilitation for each dog.


All of the abused dogs were successfully adopted into loving homes!


In the past 14 years; since inception, we have worked with, designed and implemented successful behavior rehabilitation programs for almost 2,500 dogs and their grateful owners!


Our business is registered with the state of Pennsylvania and insured through Erie Insurance Group. I am also a full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and have accrued over 30 hours of continuing education, including 14 hours on

Sociability vs Aggression Thresholds in Dogs with Sue Sternberg in August of 2017, and an additional 14 hours on Positive Solutions for Dog Aggression with Pat Miller in August of 2018, and 16 hours of Aggression in Dogs Defensive Training and Handling skills with Michael Shikashio CDBC and Trish McMillian, MSc, CPDT-KA in October of 2019


I hope that this information will aid in your

decision to participate with

“Canine Connection” LLC.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Eileen K. Murdock owner/trainer and Sabrina Lane

Hello, my name is Sabrina Lane.


I first realized my love and passion for working with dogs over 11 years ago, while running an unrelated errand in the field of horsemanship. I happened upon a litter of puppies that were being subjected to cruelty and abuse at the hands of their owners.  I made a spur of the moment decision to adopt the entire litter before one of them was severely injured or worse yet, killed.  I devoted a great deal of my time to providing them with the much-needed care they deserved, until such time when they were ready to move into loving forever homes.  All of the puppies were re-homed at about 9 weeks of age except for the one who received the most significant physical trauma; whose home was now with me, I named him Dante. 

As time went on it became clear to me that as a result of the abuse, he was suffering from anxiety and insecurities which manifested in the form a fear-based aggression.  After trying most typical basic obedience techniques without success,

I looked into working with “professionals.”  The initial trainer I worked with was using more aversive techniques to get

my dog to submit, and I was very uncomfortable with that.  My dog was learning to comply with commands, but

I had a sense that it was also resulting in a breach of trust between us. We did not continue, because

those methods were not working for either one of us.


At that point in time, I was unsure of what to do to help him, so the unwanted behaviors remained at a standstill,

that was until I had a young horse come into my life that needed training.  I was well informed in horsemanship and

the notion of horse psychology and their need for strong, calm and assertive leadership, but until then I never realized

that these same principals could also be applied to dogs.  I began using the same type of techniques to develop trust by

fulfilling the needs of the dog with love and discipline and most importantly consistency. The changes in his behavior

was nothing short of remarkable!  His trust in me had returned, the anxieties began to dissipate as he was becoming

a more confident and stress-free dog.  His behavior was changing, simply because I changed mine,

and he continued to rapidly improve on a daily basis.


My success with Dante gave me the courage to become more involved with owning multiple dogs and through excellent mentorship, move into the field of professional breeding AKC registered Doberman Pinchers of almost 10 years.

Having multiple dogs in my home was the catalyst to study and participate in much more successful methods of basic obedience while becoming involved with and working for the past several years with a professional group of trainers

of which I am now a franchise owner.  


I have taught basic obedience in group settings and now provide private in your home instruction.  I have been

apprenticing with Eileen Murdock of Canine Connection for over a year and under her tutelage, I now also implement

behavior modification and the use of canine psychology to teach the humans leadership skills to address

many of the behavioral issues people have with their pets.


I offer programs in beginner, novice and advanced Canine Obedience.  I can help you with specific Service Dog training in addition to certifying your dog as a Therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen designations.  I also have the experience and the facilities at my home in Meadville and invite those who may not have the time to focus on basic training with their dog to partake in a 4 to 6-week board and train program.  I look forward to the opportunity in helping you to make your dog

the best they can be. 

Call today for a no obligation Phone consultation!

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Sabrina Lane

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