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In home people training for dogs!


Eileen with Harley and Kit Carson


for new appointments call Sabrina at

(814) 219-9272 

Thank you for your interest in 

Canine Connection 


We are in the business of  In home People Training for dogs!

Although we are advocates of structured obedience class for owners and their pets to aid in leadership and socialization,      
Canine Connection is unique

in that the type of program we offer is  not taught in the classroom.

Our focus is in helping dog owners correct unwanted behavioral issues. 

We do this by demonstrating the type of thinking that goes on in the canine mind, and educating owners how to relate to and communicate effectively by accessing and utilizing the dogs instinctual pack mentality.

We instruct clients how to manage their dog’s behavior issues and demonstrate what changes in behavior need addressed in order to accomplish their goal of having a well behaved dog that listens to and takes

direction from their owners.

We will come to your home and performing an in depth behavior analysis.

Dogs behave differently away from the home environment. 

Many behaviors they exhibit don’t come to the forefront for trainers when

taken out of their element.

Canine Behavior Analysis, Consultation & Coaching. 

Your session begins with a behavior analysis of your pet and review of the dynamic happening within the home.

During this visit history is documented, your dog’s behavior is assessed and your training goals are discussed.

AND ...

We will begin working on methods to assist you in mastering leadership with your dog at that time,

with the primary focus on your problem areas.

  Most often the typical session averages approximately 3 hours.

We provide many informational handouts in a presentation folder that will be used as reference material

now and in the future if necessary.


Due to an overall increase in all business expenses, as of July 1, '23

Our fee for private consulting, training and individualized coaching  in  your Home is

$85.00  per hour.


Based on the training goals you have for your dog, additional Training sessions may need to be scheduled. Each program is designed and personalized to meet the individual needs of the client and their pet.

Dogs may require more/less time based on the number of animals in the home and

behavioral issues needing addressed.

We will provide as much time as needed.

Homes located 25 miles outside of the Erie area may be assessed a travel fee.

  **Lengthy travel fees (60 miles or more) must be paid in advance.**


To make the most of your training session it is strongly recommended that you schedule your appointment at a time

when there will be the least amount of distractions.  Sitters may be necessary for young children.

Payment is due and payable in cash, personal check, Zelle or the Cash App.

We make absolutely certain that you have a clear understanding how to deal with all behavioral problems​ that need to be addressed with your dog before leaving.

Once you have completed your training & coaching session...

Canine Connection will be available as a resource to you for the life of your pet!

While there is never an additional fee to established clients for phone or email consultations, we are available for additional hands on sessions at your request; however, this is usually not necessary!


We have years of experience, dealing with everything from fear-based issues, anxiety, aggression, and even dogs who are just highly excitable and in need of better manners! We hope this information is helpful in your decision to participate with

Canine Connection.

Our goal is to help you achieve the kind of relationship you've always wanted with your pet along with the sense of pride that comes with ownership of a well-behaved dog!

Canine Connection takes great pride in our affordable service and we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any questions, would like travel fee information, or would like to chat about your dog issues, please feel free to contact us.

I am very proud to announce and welcome Sabrina Lane to Canine Connection.  Sabrina brings a great deal to our clients by being able to provide services previously not offered.  In addition to teaching leadership skills & behavior modification, she can offer basic, intermediate and advanced obedience training, Canine Good Service training and certification.  Sabrina is experienced in Therapy Dog training and has the facilities to also offer a Board and Train program.  This is a convenient option for clients to have their dog professionally

obedience trained when they may not have the time.  See the About Us page to learn more

about Sabrina’s experience working with and handling dogs.

Eileen K Murdock and Sabrina Lane

for all new appointments call Sabrina at

(814) 219-9272


Hours are By Appointment only!   

Please call between 9AM and 7PM Monday thru Thursday.

Consultations and Training sessions

Monday thru Thursday.... Sessions can be scheduled for Morning, Afternoon

or Evening.   ​   

Thank you​ for your interest in Canine Connection!


      Sessions are by appointment only

Call Sabrina at  (814) 219-9272 

Morning, afternoon or evening appointments available.

We do our best to work around what is most convenient for you and the family.


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